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administrator application Empty administrator application

Post  lemon kush on Sun May 15, 2011 5:29 pm


How many hours are you willing to dedicate to the site:

Why do you want this position:

What makes you think you deserve this position:

What qualities do you have to make you worthy of this position:

Forum Experience:

Site Management Experience:

Coding Experience: (CSS, JavaScript etc..)

Other Information about yourself:

We need you to know that in this position you must;
Make time to be on the forums
Have some coding experience, the more the better though.
Have good grammar and punctuation.
Realize that there is a difference between work and fun.
Understand and agree with all the rules of the forums.This application is available to not only the current members of the community, but everyone who reads this.
This message will be posted on other forums around the place.

The applications that we see good, will be accepted after 3 days and you will be made a trainee administrator, or an administrator with limited powers.
After a week of doing that, you will either be accepted and made a full adminstrator or denied and made a normal member, based on your forum activity, your grammar and your knowledge of the forums.
Remember, if things don't work out the first time, there will be chances for you to re-apply, so stay active on the forums!

Good luck to all aspiring Administrators of Pk-Millz!
I apologize about the link to the forums down the bottom, but it really is needed.

Yours Truly,

lemon kush ---the owner

lemon kush

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